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          1. Search & Explore

             Reckon Integration

            Integrate your current B2B or B2C shopping cart with Reckon using Web Ninja. A webstore integrated
            with Reckon is the smart & easy way to sell to your approved wholesale customers. 

            How Web Ninja works


            Standard features for Reckon

            Colour/size integration

            On hand stock


            Product tree or custom fields

            Minimum/Multiple order enforcement

            Custom/Extra field mapping

            Sales orders linked back to debtors

            Sales orders sent back as sales order, sales receipt or estimate.

            Customer upload

            Stop credits

            Payment terms

            Sales Rep login/order on behalf

            Quick pick order list based on last 90 days


            Credit notes

            Invoice payments

            Full pricing policy integration


            Custom Options for Reckon

            Enhance your user experience with these advanced custom options.  

            Advanced shipping (freight zones by cubic/pallet)

            Customer permissions 

            Quote module

            Notify customers when products back in stock

            Stockist lookup page

            * Custom options will incur additional fees and will be priced on case-by-case basis.


            Summon a Ninja