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            Carbatec New Zealand

            Whether you're a beginner or a skilled craftsmen, Carbatec New Zealand provides high-quality tools and machinery to any passionate woodworker. 

            A well-crafted site with Infusion built-in. 

            Carbatec New Zealand Limited is the licensed distributor of Carbatec products in New Zealand. They opened in 2003 and have enjoyed selling high quality tools and machinery to many enthusiastic woodworkers ever since. Carbatec deliver high quality tools at value for money prices with world class service for all types of woodworkers from beginners to skilled craftsmen. So no matter your skill level, they have the product, service and expertise to suit you

            The Ninjas crafted a fine looking new site for Carbatec with a great responsive design to compliment their products and services. With nearly 100 orders since the site was launched only 10 days ago, the integration to Infusion has undoubtedly improved the order process with no manual order entry required. 

            With an enthusiastic team driving the website, Carbatec will continue to add features and improvements to keep the website up to date and the customer experience enjoyable. 

            Web Addresswww.carbatec.co.nz


            LocationAuckland, NZ  

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            Integration Features

            • Responsive design
            • Featured products
            • New Arrivals
            • Specials - including promo price period
            • Related Products
            • Stock availability
            • Product Enquiry
            • Indent Products
            • Product information downloads
            • Add to Favourites
            • Customer import
            • One page checkout
            • Advanced Shipping Module
            • DPS payment gateway
            • Mailchimp Integration
            • Captcha forms
            • Blog Module


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