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            Amare Safety

            Providing top-quality safety gear for all workplaces is what Amare Safety do best.

            Infusion integration that’s safe as houses.


            Amare Safety wanted to replace their existing e-commerce site for an integrated solution with Infusion. They called upon the Ninja’s to deliver this for them through an Infusion Webstore. Not content with the basic package, they wanted to deliver some additional functionality for their users. What they ended up with was a brand new site catering for both Retail and Wholesale Customers, that incorporated their exciting branding and a solution that will save them time and money with each order that is placed on the site.

            Web Addressamaresafety.co.nz


            LocationAuckland, Hamilton & Christchurch  

            View Live Site

            Integration Features

            • Responsive: High on the list was a responsive design for customers to be able to order on any device. Handy for orders made at the back of the warehouse miles away from a computer
            • Dual Use: The customer wanted to include different pricing for Retail and Wholesale Customers. Utilising customers types allows this.
            • Featured Products: Adding featured products to the homepage enabled them to bring products front and centre when they navigate to the site
            • Product Restrictions: Amare have created additional customers types so they can restrict certain products to some of their customers. This makes ordering much more efficient for the end user, and can allow them to supply to competing customers without offending anyone.




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