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            Healthcare Essentials 

            Wellington based business Healthcare Essentials, use family-owned businesses to provide high quality products to the dental industry. 

            A clean bill of health from the Ninja’s.


            Healthcare Essentials are located in Wellington, New Zealand and provide high quality, cost effective products to the dental industry. Many of their manufacturers are family owned businesses who provide added value and education to their clients.

            Healthcare Essentials first called on the Ninjas in 2011 to provide an efficient ordering solution for their customers. We hooked them up with a webstore integrated with Infusion to ensure accurate stock availability and pricing. At the end of 2015 they signed up for an upgrade to Web Ninja Enterprise to take advantage of the new Infusion integration and improve the overall maintenance requirements of the site. They also added a responsive design to ensure that their customers had the convenience of browsing and purchasing on a mobile device. 

            Web Addresshealthcareessentials.co.nz


            LocationWellington, NZ  

            View Live Site

            Integration Features

            • All product data including custom field information is imported from Infusion. Customer data imported and enforced on the site includes contract rates.
            • Responsive design
            • Prices hidden before login
            • Featured products
            • New and special products
            • Multiple product images
            • Product information downloads
            • Customer import
            • Invoices
            • Quick Pick List
            • One page checkout



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