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            WorknLearn proudly supply stationary and office supplies to a large client base across the Sunshine Coast region.

            The Ninjas go back to school.  

            WorknLearn is a family owned business providing stationery, school and office supplies to customers throughout the Sunshine Coast region. In 2013 the Ninjas were given the task of creating a customised website for parents to place their children’s school booklist orders. The Back2School site has become an integral part of the WorknLearn business with over 5,000 orders being placed during the back to school period. 

            The integration with Reckon imports product data into the website and sends all orders back as Sales Receipts. This automated process saves WorknLearn a enormous amount of time and ensures that inventory reports are accurate.

            Web Address: www.back2school.net.au 

            Software: Reckon

            Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD

            View Live Site

            Integration Features


            Product data is imported from Reckon to the website and WorknLearn create booklists using the Kit Module in the CMS. Orders placed online are sent back to Reckon as an Sales Receipt.


            • Booklists are created using Kit module
            • Multiple price grades
            • Easy to navigate system for parents to please orders
            • Westpac Payment Gateway
            • Order on behalf module
            • Different delivery options per school
            • Delivery fee charged per family rather than each order
            • Customised checkout process
            • Authority to leave goods at unattended address enforced at checkout
            • Additional data sent back on order such as child’s name, payment type and delivery options
            • Specific data such as school name & year is sent back to reportable fields on Reckon sales order to assist with reporting





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